Monday, July 2, 2012

Top Ten Blue Cheeses Everyone Needs to Try

At an early age I have made it my mission to try all the blue cheese I can.  Blue cheese is intriguing and beautiful.  Its structure is strong but soft and crumbly.  Its creamy and melts so perfectly but some leave a tingle that ripples across the tongue.  Age does not matter unless your cheese, and blue cheese is aged so beautifully.  The following cheeses are the ones I speak of:

1. Roaring Forties Blue Cheese (Australian)
2. Baily Hazen Blue (Vermont)
3. Valdeon (Spain)
4. Ewe's Blue (New York)
5. Rogue's Smokey Blue (Oregon)
6. Saga's Triple Cream Blue (USA)
7. Maytag Blue (Iowa)
8. Great Hill Blue (Mass)
9. Cashel Blue (Ireland)
10. Point Reyes Original Blue (California)